A Key Ingredient for Clarity on Your Career Path or Business Idea

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(Side note: I thought about naming this blog post ‘THE Key Ingredient for Clarity….’ rather than ‘A Key Ingredient to Get Clarity…’. In the end, I opted not to because while it does sound a bit catchier, I firmly believe there is no one catch-all key that will bring you 100% clarity in your work. All of this is a process, and different “clarity tactics” are going to work better for some than others. That being said, what I’m sharing in the post is SUPER important, so read up!)

It’s funny, because lately I’ve found myself going through the same process that I’ve taken many of my clients through: re-purposing my career.

While I still love my business and helping people find clarity around their career/business ideas, I’m starting to realize it isn’t the be-all-end-all of my career. There’s something else bubbling up inside of me, but I’m just not sure what it is yet.

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My Not-So-Successful Overnight Success Story

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I’ve noticed lots of people like to share stories of failure once the failure has passed, and once they’ve reached some kind of success and can see how their failure served them.

Those inspiring stories are great.

However, it’s not often that you hear a story of failure told while someone is still in it, before that person has even fully made sense of their letdown.

Today, my intention is to break that trend.

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10 Questions to Answer Before you Consult with a Web Designer

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**This is a guest post written by Kat Love. Kat is a website designer and developer passionate about helping psychotherapists and other helping and healing professionals be more awesome online through custom websites Learn more at  **

Websites exist for communication and connection. If you have a dream to create an impact in the world, a website could be a central tool in your quest to affect that change.

A professional web designer is an expert at visually communicating your unique solutions to the people that need them and in the language of the web. Through the use of color, fonts, layouts, and images, a professional designer can help you build your online identity and reach.

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How to cut out distractions & be more focused in your new business.

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Earlier this year, I decided to unsubscribe from all of the e-mail lists I belonged to, with the exception of about 5 that I particularly enjoy & find valuable.

I used this ever-so-wonderful bulk unsubscribe tool at, which also informed me exactly how many lists I was subscribed to.

Can you guess how many?

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Why you need to admit that your life sucks (even if you don’t think it does)

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Scene 1:

Bob: ‘Hey Judy. How are you?’

Judy: ‘Good. How are you?’

Bob: ‘Good.’

Judy: ‘Good.’

Bob: ‘What’s new?’

Judy: ‘Oh, not much. You know, been keepin’ busy.’

Bob: ‘Busy is good.’

Judy: ‘Ya it’s all good. Gettin’ by, you know.’

Bob: ‘Yeah, me too. Ya know, makin’ ends meet.’

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How to Figure out What you’re an Expert in.

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I remember sitting around the family dinner table as a kid, making fun of ‘experts’.

“Oh, this week ‘they‘ said candy is now good for you!”

” ‘They‘ have a new study out that says doing the dishes is actually harmful to your health!”

(If there’s any kids reading this… totally doesn’t work by the way.)

While one day we may read in the paper that economic ‘experts’ predict the world economy will grow steadily for the next 15 years, the next we might read about the ‘experts’ predicting its collapse and demise.

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Turning Passion into Profit.

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When I was in high school, I always imagined myself working for a non-profit.

I didn’t know what kind of non-profit, but what I did know was that I would be over-worked, tired, poor, and that it wouldn’t matter because I would be making a difference! I actually envisioned myself in the future as a stressed out, exhausted, and under-paid non-profit worker because this is what I thought it took to make a difference in the world.

To me, self-sacrifice was synonymous with making an impact: this meant sacrificing money, material possessions, travel, and any and all pleasures or luxuries.

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What will it take for you to say “I am extraordinary” ?

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It’s an interesting question.

I don’t know about you, but for me, being extraordinary is typically something I have attributed to other people; rarely to myself.

In my mind, the word ‘extraordinary’ has been reserved for well-known authors, 1-million view TED speakers, and people who’ve been on Oprah.

Being ‘extraordinary’ can tend to be one of those things, like being successful, that we can desire and chase our entire lives and never feel like we’ve fully arrived.

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Building a Blog for your Business (with blogging expert Jenna Dalton!)

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**View the video interview below!**

For anyone wanting to have an online presence with their business today – having a blog or vlog is pretty much a no-brainer!

It is a great way to educate  & give valuable information to the people you serve, establish yourself as an expert (don’t you think I’m soooo smart cause I have a blog?! Ya ya do!), and to get traffic to your site so peeps can see what you are up to.

I don’t think I need to spend much time educating on the importance and worthwhiley-ness (is that  a word?) of blogging.

What comes up for a lot of new business owners (I can definitely remember this for myself) are questions & fears around blogging like…

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