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Turning Passion into Profit.

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When I was in high school, I always imagined myself working for a non-profit.

I didn’t know what kind of non-profit, but what I did know was that I would be over-worked, tired, poor, and that it wouldn’t matter because I would be making a difference! I actually envisioned myself in the future as a stressed out, exhausted, and under-paid non-profit worker because this is what I thought it took to make a difference in the world.

To me, self-sacrifice was synonymous with making an impact: this meant sacrificing money, material possessions, travel, and any and all pleasures or luxuries.

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What will it take for you to say “I am extraordinary” ?

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It’s an interesting question.

I don’t know about you, but for me, being extraordinary is typically something I have attributed to other people; rarely to myself.

In my mind, the word ‘extraordinary’ has been reserved for well-known authors, 1-million view TED speakers, and people who’ve been on Oprah.

Being ‘extraordinary’ can tend to be one of those things, like being successful, that we can desire and chase our entire lives and never feel like we’ve fully arrived.

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Building a Blog for your Business (with blogging expert Jenna Dalton!)

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**View the video interview below!**

For anyone wanting to have an online presence with their business today – having a blog or vlog is pretty much a no-brainer!

It is a great way to educate  & give valuable information to the people you serve, establish yourself as an expert (don’t you think I’m soooo smart cause I have a blog?! Ya ya do!), and to get traffic to your site so peeps can see what you are up to.

I don’t think I need to spend much time educating on the importance and worthwhiley-ness (is that  a word?) of blogging.

What comes up for a lot of new business owners (I can definitely remember this for myself) are questions & fears around blogging like…

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How to Know if you Should Start your Own Business (Part II of II)

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**Before you read this, make sure you’ve check out Part I of this blog series, which includes 6 signs you are definitely NOT cut out to be an entrepreneur.**

For a long time, I was very dissatisfied in my job(s), hopping around from one to the next (even though my friends all thought my jobs were pretty cool), not knowing that I had pretty much all the qualities & traits of an entrepreneur and THAT was why I was unfulfilled.

I now know I could never be truly satisfied unless I was doing my own thing & running my own show.

Maybe you can relate:

-Do you often feel bored at work?
-Do you crave greater variety in your schedule?
-Do you long to set your own hours, so you can travel whenever you want?
-Do you want to be doing work where there is no limit to your potential & the impact you’re able to make?

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How to Live & Work from Anywhere {aka. create your nomadtopia!}

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**Scroll down to view the interview with Amy Scott of Nomadtopia!**

How to live and work from anywhere.

There’s a trend happening…

It’s the “I want to be an entrepreneur & live and work from anywhere” trend.

The idea of an average work day consisting of sitting at the beach with a laptop and drink in hand is understandably appealing to many folks! 

It can be easy to idealize the location-independent, nomadic lifestyle; however, the reality of it often tends to be quite different.

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How to get clarity on what kind of business to start {Video Tip #1}

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**View the video below!**

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own purpose-aligned business, but are lacking clarity on exactly what that would be, how to figure it all out, or where to begin, then this video tip is a great place to start!

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, but you haven’t done much about it because you’re waiting for the perfect time.

Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you aren’t skilled enough, experienced enough, or knowledgeable enough.

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How to Know if you Should Start your Own Business (Part I of II)

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How to Know if you Should Start your Own Business – Part 1

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I used to dream of becoming an entrepreneur, and that was all I ever thought it would be — a dream.

It seemed like a glorious and unattainable thing, and I never believed I would have what it takes to pull it off. I deeply admired, and was envious of, those people who were entrepreneurs, but I always just assumed that was for other people — not for me.

I confirmed this belief about myself with stories (aka. excuses) of not enough; it was either that I wasn’t knowledgeable or skilled enough, I didn’t have enough money, I didn’t have enough experience, or I didn’t have a clear enough vision of what I wanted to do.

Yes, I had excuses coming out of my arse!

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Taking the Leap: From Job Dissatisfaction to Dream Business!

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This story is designed to inspire & give courage to anyone who is on the verge, and feeling called, to quit their job in order to pursue something more meaningful. This is part of the Taking the Leap resource, a database full of real-life stories from people who have successfully gone from job dissatisfaction to career emancipation.

This story includes the truth about what it’s like & what it takes to make the leap — so you can figure out for yourself whether taking the leap is right for you.

It’s hard to say when exactly I “took the leap”, as it was more of a gradual process for me.

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How to Stay Focused on your Business Dreams {When Matters of the Heart Take Over}

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I always remember a rather successful business woman I met when I went to the World Domination Summit in Portland last year.

She was in her mid-50′s, and hadn’t started her own business until about 10 years earlier. Previous to that, she told me she had always been too focused on relationships, and so never pursued her own passions in life until she was older. She had always let her relationships with men take the lead role in her life — and she regretted it.

I myself am no stranger to the challenges of focusing on your dreams for your business when things in your romantic life are all over the place; I understand the need to be able to manage our emotions so we can focus on the big picture & the things we want to accomplish that are important to us — despite what’s going on.

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6 Steps to Kicking Procrastination in the Butt

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You have a blog post you need to write (or a blog you want to start).

There’s a light bulb in the kitchen that needs changing.

You really want to start that new exercise routine.

You want to leave your job & start a business.

You haven’t called your Mom in weeks.

The dog needs a walk.

You need to send in that application for that really amazing program.

….then why are you just sitting on your butt watching episode after episode of {insert favorite-tv-show-of-the-month here}?

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